Ressonância, 2019

Ressonância is an installation of objects exploring the direct impact of time on matter and its acoustic impacts. It has also a strong symbolist character in the choice of materials, that reflect on colective and personal memories. 

Presented at Mota Galiza nº95, Porto

Reunião e Cumprimento, 2019

Reunião e Cumprimento was a compilation of work during my final year at FBAUP. It is a 3 channel audio installation and a reunion of object that are somehow dear to me.  

Presented at Museu FBAUP, Porto

Monte Ao Vale, 2017

In 2017 I visited Monte Padrão and the sound of a popular and local party was invading the bronze era village. I was influenced by this event, and invaded all the villages back, with a sine-wave 33 minute composition. 

The video recording of this action was recorded in too different mountains and presented at MIEC, Santo Tirso